The following kind of tickets are available for our event:

Festival ticket: 

The festival ticket grants access for all days both to the outdoor and the indoor venue. Excluded is access to the warm up show - you need an extra ticket for that.

Early bird festival ticket: 

119,00 € per person (plus 12.5% presales fee)

Price festival ticket: 

129,00 € per person (plus 12.5% presales fee) not available yet

One day ticket: 

A one day tickets grants you access on just one selected day of the festival programme. Presales of one day tickets haven't started yet.

Price one day ticket: 

70,00 € (plus 12.5% presales fee) buy now!

Camping ticket: 

The camping ticket is valid for one person without a vehicle. The price includes 10,00% garbage fee, which will be refunded as soon as you leave your tent site clean and return the garbage bags you're provided with at the entrance.

Price camping ticket: 

25 per person (incl. 10,00% garbage deposit)

Car ticket: 

The car ticket is valid for one vehicle, whether it's a car, a motorcycle etc. You need a parking ticket to enter the camping site with your vehicle.

Price car ticket: 

15,00% per vehicle buy now!


You may order computer hard tickets at the webstore of ADticket/reservix at this adress:


In cooperation with AD, we offer you e-Tickets, too. These are print-at-home tickets: After you've purchased them you'll be provided with a ticket document you have to print out and show at the festival entrance (along with an ID card). We recommend e-Tickets for visitors from abroad, as - in spite of an additional handling fee - they save you some shipping costs and therefore money :-)
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